Beach Day 



I would highly recommend having your water delivered on the island. We recently started using Premier Beverages Limited and it has been such a life saver. We went from spending $$ each week at the grocery stores to paying $40 a month for renting a cooler with 4 five gallon water jugs included. They do have different packages available. But, any time we need more water, we just call and they deliver within a few days. We actually just ordered 3 more jugs because we have been running/working out a lot more this month. Each jug is worth 15EC so it equals $5.76 a jug.  It’s so convenient and we have two taps for hot or cold water. This is definitely the way to go ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

Island Weather 

So over the past few days,  the sun has disappeared and it has been very overcast. We have had a lot of rain which I love because it cools everything down and the wind is so soothing. It has given us a nice break from the hot, humid stillness. I took a Snapchat of a storm that was coming our way and it looks more alarming than it actual was; there was no lightening. All the storms here either pass by quickly or end up being a massive downpour. This one happened to be a massive downpour and it lasted for hours, which is odd here. Regardless, I love a good storm. 

Oh and by the way, there was an earthquake that happened at 1:30AM today and I did not feel a thing. Jesse woke up briefly, but thought he was dreaming, until he start walking around and could feel everything shaking. I must have been in some pretty deep REM sleep 😂 This is the 2nd earthquake that I’ve gone through, and the first one was not that scary either. I’m hoping the 3rd time won’t be the charm in this case. But, this is Island Life and you never know what will happen next….



Today, it hit me that on Wednesday we will have been on the island for two months. There is a lot to love about this place -the gorgeous view, the amazing weather, the friendly people, good food, always something interesting to see, etc. And yet, even here in paradise where you would  think that everything should be perfect, you can still find/focus on the imperfections. 

You have a choice to complain about how much hotter the weather is getting these days, how after stepping out of the shower you immediately start sweating, the outrageous cost of your favorite conditioner/shampoo that is imported and you refuse to buy it ($20 each 😱), or how you cannot just simply pack up and drive back to the comforts of home that is 1,737 miles away. 

Instead you can be greatful for what you do have and look forward to the simple things such as walking down a side walk, going to a park, or shopping at a huge Target or Wal-Mart back in the states. 

So today I am thankful for:

  • My husband who takes care of me and loves to practice medicine on me ❤
  • A Good friend in our building that gave me beautifully scented candles 
  • Working internet so that I can talk to family and friends back home 
  • Green tea and lemon water
  • Zucchini and onions for lunch 
  • Fresh Caribbean coffee 
  • My yoga mat 
  • Exercise – (250 squats today)
  • Writing while sitting in front of a gorgeous ocean view
  • A full fridge 
  • Mint ice cream after dinner
  • Two pillows 

I can see how spoiled/blessed I am and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world ❤

Wandering Friends 

Happy Friday 🙌🏻

Our morning jogs are always an adventure! We either find new animal friends or explore new views of the ocean. 

We found these wandering horses in our neighborhood a few weeks ago.  One was pretty brave enough to approach me. I think he wanted to eat my phone 😂

We also love visiting these adorable puppies whenever we get the chance! The three other dogs were friends we made since we got here and we are happy to see that someone has adopted them! 



We like to buy local produce because it’s cheaper and Hello! It’s so fresh! The apples and carrots are so sweet. The Antiguan lemon is different from ours back home. Like it has a Thyme flavor to it. You’d have to taste it to understand!

I’m still trying to find the Black Pineapple which is grown here locally. Can’t wait to try it!

 We like to shop at First choice because it’s easier on the wallet compared to Epicurean. Regardless, you will be spending a good chunk of change. Almost everything is imported. Last night, we ate a watermelon that came from Guatamala. 

 One of my rules on this island, is that if you think you will need an item in the future, but do not need it currently, just buy it NOW. I learned the hard way. On our recent grocery trip, they were out of lemons/limes, milk, sunflower, oil, and cheese. A few weeks ago, there were no bananas. And don’t get excited if you see anything on sale, that usually means that the item is about to expire like, tomorrow. 🙄

It’s funny because back home, I used to get so overwhelmed with too many options. I would want to try everything -so many different flavors, fat free, gluten free, natural, Greek, organic – the list goes on! But here, you do not have as many options which makes the grocery shopping go by way faster (Jesse is happy about that), and then I realized that there is more simplicity in having fewer options, even when you can’t find what you need. You learn to get creative and go with the flow of the island. I definitely haven’t always gone with the flow, and have had some pouting sessions in the store, but I get over it, because I’m grateful for what I could find. 

We do enjoy going to the farmer’s market in St. John’s where you can find an assortment of vegetables, fruits, and spices. There’s a lot of hustle and bustle with vendors getting there at 3AM and people start to arrive at 6:30AM. We have gone at 7AM and found really great deals. They have a fish market and a butcher shop as well. We still have to check out what kind of meats they carry. 

All of this was $50. CHA-CHING!