Sweet Summer Recap, Part Dos

June leads the parade of the hottest months in Antigua, and the sweat trickling down your back turns into a waterfall. The heat beats down until the end of the year. At this point, you are more than feverish to get off the island (especially after your first semester). You are ready for the AC running 24/7, driving a vehicle, drinking Starbucks, window shopping at the mall, etc. Just having options at your fingertips. I mean heck, even running for a late night trip to WaWa or Target I took for granted.

Fortunately for us, we were able to fly back home for a quick visit. You can tell by the looks on our faces that we were happy to get on the plane. Oh, and the fact that we found some Gelato…

We arrived at the Raleigh airport right after midnight, took a cab, and spent the night before Jesse’s mom came to pick us up. She was so sweet for driving 4 hours down to pick us up and back. Thanks Mama!

Our summer included late morning breakfasts, drinking mimosas, hanging out by the pool, hiking, family dinners, dog sitting, emergency vet visit,Β  museum trips,Β  birthday parties, and sitting on the front porch, swinging into the late afternoons. We got spoiled. It was perfect.


4 days before leaving, we packed everything up and thought we were good to go, until the night before we found ourselves with a few last minute items that needed to be stored. We found ourselves having to weigh our suitcases all over again which was a nightmare because we didn’t go to bed until after midnight. Then, we were up at 2AM to be at the airport at 5AM. We finally get to the airport, check in our SIX BAGS OF LUGGAGE (never again… and side note:if you are traveling with so much luggage to Antigua, I would advise that you pack at least 1-2 weeks in advance) and make it to our gate. They load us in and Jesse and I get all settled. I’ve got my sweater on, my headphones in, and Jane the Virgin episodes on Netflix streaming. The lights turn off and we think that the plane is about to move. Except we didn’t go anywhere. We literally sat on the airplane for 45 minutes due to brake issues. Turns out the plane was too dangerous to make it off the ground (let alone, actually land). So we ended up back in the terminal at Starbucks waiting to see what would happen. See pictures below.

Okay, clearly we look exhausted and in the second picture I’m debating if I should buy the “world’s best travel foam pillow” which was priced at $40…..The expression on my face says EVERYTHING….and I really gotta do something about those black circles under my eyes…

We stayed at the airport from 4AM untill noon trying to get a new flight booked. We had so many issues with Delta and Expedia. I would honestly have to say that it was one of my top worst days ever. Jesse was on the phone for two days trying to get everything sorted out. Also, two of our bags were transferred to a new airplane and they flew down to Atlanta GA. We had to come back later to pick them up and one of them was ruined because it had been sitting outside in the rain.

Our 5lb bag of quinoa completely busted open (this stuff is super expensive on the island.)

The only bright spot in all that happened was that we were in VA for three more days ❀

Oh yeah, and I did not buy that $40 foam pillow at the airport. I went to TJMaxx the next day and bought a $15 foam pillow. It’s the little things guys!







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