Island Weather 

So over the past few days,  the sun has disappeared and it has been very overcast. We have had a lot of rain which I love because it cools everything down and the wind is so soothing. It has given us a nice break from the hot, humid stillness. I took a Snapchat of a storm that was coming our way and it looks more alarming than it actual was; there was no lightening. All the storms here either pass by quickly or end up being a massive downpour. This one happened to be a massive downpour and it lasted for hours, which is odd here. Regardless, I love a good storm. 

Oh and by the way, there was an earthquake that happened at 1:30AM today and I did not feel a thing. Jesse woke up briefly, but thought he was dreaming, until he start walking around and could feel everything shaking. I must have been in some pretty deep REM sleep 😂 This is the 2nd earthquake that I’ve gone through, and the first one was not that scary either. I’m hoping the 3rd time won’t be the charm in this case. But, this is Island Life and you never know what will happen next….



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