Today, it hit me that on Wednesday we will have been on the island for two months. There is a lot to love about this place -the gorgeous view, the amazing weather, the friendly people, good food, always something interesting to see, etc. And yet, even here in paradise where you would  think that everything should be perfect, you can still find/focus on the imperfections. 

You have a choice to complain about how much hotter the weather is getting these days, how after stepping out of the shower you immediately start sweating, the outrageous cost of your favorite conditioner/shampoo that is imported and you refuse to buy it ($20 each 😱), or how you cannot just simply pack up and drive back to the comforts of home that is 1,737 miles away. 

Instead you can be greatful for what you do have and look forward to the simple things such as walking down a side walk, going to a park, or shopping at a huge Target or Wal-Mart back in the states. 

So today I am thankful for:

  • My husband who takes care of me and loves to practice medicine on me ❤
  • A Good friend in our building that gave me beautifully scented candles 
  • Working internet so that I can talk to family and friends back home 
  • Green tea and lemon water
  • Zucchini and onions for lunch 
  • Fresh Caribbean coffee 
  • My yoga mat 
  • Exercise – (250 squats today)
  • Writing while sitting in front of a gorgeous ocean view
  • A full fridge 
  • Mint ice cream after dinner
  • Two pillows 

I can see how spoiled/blessed I am and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world ❤


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