We like to buy local produce because it’s cheaper and Hello! It’s so fresh! The apples and carrots are so sweet. The Antiguan lemon is different from ours back home. Like it has a Thyme flavor to it. You’d have to taste it to understand!

I’m still trying to find the Black Pineapple which is grown here locally. Can’t wait to try it!

 We like to shop at First choice because it’s easier on the wallet compared to Epicurean. Regardless, you will be spending a good chunk of change. Almost everything is imported. Last night, we ate a watermelon that came from Guatamala. 

 One of my rules on this island, is that if you think you will need an item in the future, but do not need it currently, just buy it NOW. I learned the hard way. On our recent grocery trip, they were out of lemons/limes, milk, sunflower, oil, and cheese. A few weeks ago, there were no bananas. And don’t get excited if you see anything on sale, that usually means that the item is about to expire like, tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™„

It’s funny because back home, I used to get so overwhelmed with too many options. I would want to try everything -so many different flavors, fat free, gluten free, natural, Greek, organic – the list goes on! But here, you do not have as many options which makes the grocery shopping go by way faster (Jesse is happy about that), and then I realized that there is more simplicity in having fewer options, even when you can’t find what you need. You learn to get creative and go with the flow of the island. I definitely haven’t always gone with the flow, and have had some pouting sessions in the store, but I get over it, because I’m grateful for what I could find. 

We do enjoy going to the farmer’s market in St. John’s where you can find an assortment of vegetables, fruits, and spices. There’s a lot of hustle and bustle with vendors getting there at 3AM and people start to arrive at 6:30AM. We have gone at 7AM and found really great deals. They have a fish market and a butcher shop as well. We still have to check out what kind of meats they carry. 

All of this was $50. CHA-CHING! 



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