Antigua: “The Land of Sea and Sun”

Our trip to Antigua was definitely long. We left at 11PM to catch our 6AM flight in DC.  From there, we flew up to JFK, sat through an hour layover, and took off for Antigua. At that point, we had already been awake for over 12 hours and we were both starving and thirsty. So, we were ironically super excited about the overpriced $7 protein snack boxes they were passing out on the plane. Jesse was getting tired of the two female passengers sitting next to him, who would not stop talking and asking questions. I was sitting adjacent from him in the same aisle amused at these girls who were desperately trying to keep his attention. The elderly couple that sat elegantly next to me and ordered white wine, appeared dressed as if they could afford their however many thousands- per-night-hotel that they would be staying at once we touched down. I fell asleep a few times. I thought maybe I had been asleep for a few hours each time, but, no. It felt like those simple 4 hours turned into a long 12 hours. 

As we flew over Antigua, it was really magical. It was my first time seeing water that blue and sparkling, aside from fantasizing and staring at what seemed too-good-to-be-true magazines advertising vacations to the Carribean. I realized that those pictures were definitely not photoshopped. This was for real. 

We landed and walked through the long line at Immigration. Surprisingly, it went smoothly. It did take a while to hunt down our 5 pieces of luggage, though, and then have our bags searched. If you do come down to visit, remember not to bring anything brand new, because you will be heftily taxed (for example, if you bring a new iPad, you will get taxed half the amount you paid for it).We were greeted by AUA students and then escorted to a taxi. The weather this time of year is in the high 70’s/low 80’s and the wind is always present which makes for perfect weather. 

Our taxi ride was quite the adventure. The Antiguans drive on the left side of the road and there are no speed limits/signs (and if there are, I haven’t seen any). Our taxi driver was a little gruff and sped so fast through the hilly terrain that I was gripping Jesse’s arm the entire way. I was trying not freak out when he came dangerously close to running over a stray dog(there are lots of stray dogs on the island). And, there is no careful consideration even if people are walking on the side of the road. It’s basically get out of the way, or you get run over here.

Once we got to our building, we wearily carried our bags up to the third floor. Stepping out onto our balcony, our mouths just dropped. 

It really hit us that this was going to be home for the next 4 months and how blessed we were to have this view every single day. Suddenly, though we had been awake for almost 24 hours, we had energy. That’s what is lovely about this place. You feel renewed and refreshed just by soaking in the beautiful surroundings.  

As the sun sets
We have been here almost two months now, and it never gets old. We are always taking pictures of this view. 



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