This is Us 

Okay, so let me give you a little back story on us. Jesse and I worked together as scribes in the ER starting in December of 2014. We instantly felt that we were always supposed to be together. Our personalities seem to mirror each other 95% of the time which makes everything we do together so easy and comfortable. The other 5% makes  up our differences, which we simply smooth over via healthy “debating.” Having both been first-borns in our family, Jesse and I have gone through many similar situations. We get each other. When I can be too serious, Jesse looks for the humor to make me laugh. (We are seriously always laughing and the majority of the time this is Jesse’s fault!) When he needs help with anything technological (sorry babe!), I’m right there to help him figure it out. When I forget something, he knows to grab it before we even leave. When he wants something, but won’t spend any money on himself, I surprise him by buying it. We work hard to elevate each other because we love each other. It’s a balancing act, one that we will always continue to master. Jesse and I always look for the positive, and consistently take the time to encourage each other’s dreams. After all, teamwork makes the dream work.

Jesse is a born leader and has dreamed about attending medical school/becoming a physician since he was a little boy, but his journey really started 10 years ago. He struggled with many obstacles and what seemed like never ending roadblocks before he finally received the “conditional acceptance” from American University of Antigua. He would have to take three courses and pass them in order to receive full acceptance. Fortunately, this was the final and monumental struggle that stood between him and medical school. Six months of material was squeezed into less than 3 and 1/2 months. While those were tough and stressful months for both of us, we were beyond relieved when we found out that he had passed. And how convenient that it was also on the same day that he proposed to me in Key West? It couldn’t get any better than that. So his dream FINALLY became a reality.

As for me, I always thought I had plenty of time as an undergrad majoring in English to figure out what exactly I wanted to do with my career. So many people would ask,  and I would reply, “Not sure, but I’ve got time.” I was an optimistic procrastinator. I think going to class and writing papers was easier than actually thinking about the future. I liked having syllabuses and deadlines. I liked the structure. The future just seemed scary and full of squiggly lines. My brain would scatter in many directions (thanks ADHD) if I tried to pinpoint where exactly I was going on my journey. Unfortunately, I did have many negative voices in my ear, criticizing my choice of majoring in English. All the usual things that an English major hears: ” you will be a starving artist”, “if you teach, you won’t be able to take care of yourself, or pay back your loans”, “you need connections if you want to become a published writer.”

I knew loans were waiting for me when I graduated and I also knew I did not want to live at home anymore. These thoughts scared me, plus the lack of encouragement, caused me to drift towards/down paths that would allow me to make easy money. I did work as a peer tutor through out college, but after graduation I became a front desk secretary. While it paid my loans and little else, I knew that I did not want to make $11.50 and hour for the rest of my life. I began to look into the medical field. I considered sonography and enrolled in A&P, Intro to Health, and Medical Terminology at a local community college. I also knew that I needed medical experience in order to become accepted into the sonography program. Hence why, I got the job as a scribe in the ER and how I met Jesse, future MD.

So as you can see, we have swung in full circle.

Jesse and I currently live in Antigua.  I am still interested in attending sonography school, but I am fortunate to have the time to test and nurture my creative abilities. While Jesse works diligently in medical school, I am busily writing short stories, working out, taking lots of pictures, and whipping up good food in the kitchen. Jesse encourages all these activities (especially making food), and he is my number one supporter. He cheers on my writing and encourages it to blossom. What I love most about him, is that he does not care what I do, as long as it makes me happy. And thank God, he puts up with my periods of procrastination. I’m thankful for the freedom he has brought me. I feel free to create and that is my dream.

I cannot wait to post more and share gazillions of pictures (and maybe a few recipes). The experience here has been amazing and surreal at the same time. My hope for this blog is to strengthen/mature my writing voice, record our memories here in Antigua and beyond into the future, and entertain my readers, friends, and family back home. Enjoy!


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